January 4, 2017  – Representatives from the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB), the Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board (NMRIRB) and the Eeyou Marine Region Impact Review Board (EMRIRB) have recently finalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) intended to guide the continued cooperation and mutual support between the Boards in the coming years.

As independent institutions of public government created through comprehensive land claims agreements of their respective regions, the NIRB, NMRIRB and EMRIRB are collectively responsible for the protection of the ecosystemic integrity, and the protection and promotion of the existing and future well‐being of the residents and communities in their regions, with consideration for all residents of Canada. They are also mandated to protect and promote the well‐being of the present and future residents and their ways of life. Recognizing the shared nature of marine waters and wildlife, the Boards are committed to working collaboratively to address shared challenges and to advance initiatives of common interest, such as the recent efforts to establish the Hudson Bay Consortium (www.hudsonbayconsortium.com) connecting governmental, educational and local interests in the area.

Maps of the Nunavut Settlement Area, the Nunavik Marine Region, and the Eeyou Marine Region

The MOU was signed on December 23, 2016 by Elizabeth Copland, NIRB Chairperson, Putulik Papigatuk, NMRIRB Chairperson, and Isaac Masty, EMRIRB Chairperson and will remain in force for a period of five years. The purpose of the MOU is to assist the NIRB, the NMRIRB and the EMRIRB to cooperatively exercise their respective environmental impact assessment duties and powers with respect to projects with the potential for transboundary impacts, minimizing duplication of effort, providing for timely review of project proposals, and increasing certainty for project proponents of projects with the potential for transboundary impacts. The MOU outlines a number of parameters to ensure cooperation and sharing of information, recognizing each of the Boards are bound by principles of public accountability and transparency, as well as confidentiality pertaining to the use of information in some cases.

Download the MOU:


Copies of the MOU are also available from each of the Board’s websites at the following locations:

      NIRB: www.nirb.ca
      NMRIRB: www.nmrirb.ca
      EMRIRB: www.eeyoumarineregion.ca/impact-review-board

For inquiries please contact:

Ryan Barry, Executive Director, NIRB, (867) 983-4600;  rbarry@nirb.ca
Mishal Naseer, Regional Planner, NMRIRB, (819) 964-0888;  mnaseer@nmrirb.ca
Audrey Lapenna, Director, EMRIRB, (613) 222-6857;  audrey.lapenna@eeyoumarineregion.ca