The Wildlife Board participated in a bird survey from Sept. 6 to 13 in the Wemindji area, around Old Factory and on the surrounding islands, in partnership with Nature Canada, and the Cree Trappers’ Association. The survey was funded by the Eeyou Marine Region Wildlife Board and the Canadian Wildlife Service.

The survey was very successful, with a total of 97 species and approximately 22,000 individuals observed. We recorded more than 3,600 individual shorebirds, primarily pectoral and semipalmated sandpipers. We observed 3 Hudsonian godwits (a threatened species) and 38 Rusty Blackbirds (Special concern). We also observed an unexpected species, the Northern Wheatears, which were the first documented observations for the Eastern James Bay Area. These birds fly every year from the Eastern Arctic to Subsaharan Africa, through Greenland and Europe!

Thanks to everybody who made it a success!