The Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission (“EMRLCA” or “Commission”), based in Waskaganish, Eeyou Istchee, was established under the Eeyou Marine Region Land Claims Agreement (EMRLCA) to develop and implement a land use plan for the Eeyou Marine Region.  The EMRPC is in the process of developing the land use plan for the EMR and anticipates the need from time to time of consulting services to support a variety of potential planning activities.

The EMRPC is inviting interested consultants (individuals or firms) to submit a statement of qualifications that summarizes the services they provided that may meet the Commission’s future needs. Based on submissions received, the Commission will maintain a file of qualified service providers. As the need arises, the Commission will utilize this file to distribute Requests for Proposals (RFP) to qualified service providers.

Planning Services

  • Conducting research and draft reports on a range of economic, cultural, social and environmental topics to support the development of a land use plan for the EMRPC;
  • Support the Commission Staff in the development and revision of key EMRPC support documents
  • Crafting communication plans and drafting outreach materials to update a diverse set of planning partners on land use planning activities and processes;
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) support, which may range from identifying relevant data source providers, development and review of Commission GIS protocols, propose methods or models to measure and visually communicate economic, cultural, social and economic trends to multicultural audiences;
  • Data management and data governance support
  • Organizing and facilitating community meetings or hearings hosted by the commission in coastal Cree communities
  • Organizing and participating in meetings with the Commission and other planning partners to discuss technical land use planning issues or concerns relating to the EMR Land Use Plan and the Commission’s decision-making responsibilities under the EMRLCA;
  • Analysis and advice on specific questions raised by the Commission or planning partners;
  • Support the EMRPC to develop clear and transparent processes for identifying and evaluating concerns respecting the cumulative impacts of Project Proposals in relation to other development activities in the EMR.
  • Analysis and advice related to developing and implementing regulatory processes for the EMR.


  • Commission governance and management advice: commission evaluation, policy development and review, strategic planning development and review.
  • Executive and Management Team Development: succession planning, executive coaching, team-building, human resources advice.
  • Organizational Development Services: organizational assessment, morale building, conflict resolution, change management training.

Desired Qualifications

The consultant should demonstrate their experience and qualifications relevant to northern co- management bodies and administrative tribunals operating in the areas of land use planning and natural resource management. This will include knowledge of land use planning and resource management legislation, and an understanding of the co-management system of the Eeyou Marine Region, land management in Eeyou Istchee and under the JBNQA and the regulatory regime of the Quebec and Nunavut.

Commission activities often require consideration of different values and interests. Consultants should provide examples of work that balances Indigenous culture, social well-being, ecological conservation and economic development as it pertains to the conservation, development and utilization of the land, waters and other resources.

Once a land use plan is approved for the Eeyou Marine Region, the commission may be called upon to determine the conformity of proposed land-use activities with the land use plan and consider applications by project proponents for exceptions to the plan. Respondents should acknowledge any potential conflicts relating to their existing clients that may limit their ability to provide services to the EMRPC.

Statement of Qualifications Submissions

When submitting statements of qualifications, consultants are requested to provide the following information:

  • General background of the consultant or firm, its partners, associates and staff;
  • Name, background and experience of the individual who would be the prime contact to the EMRPC;
  • Summary of experience and/or approach to working with northern co-management bodies and administrative tribunals or similar boards and agencies;
  • Methods of overcoming technical, logistical, and administrative realities of communicating and conducting business in remote northern planning environments;
  • Explanation of the consultant or firms’ experience with and commitment to intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.
  • Summary of services the consultant is able to provide as it pertains to the Planning Services described in this RFQ;
  • Current hourly rates or fee structure for associates and staff in the firm who may be assigned to EMRPC projects;
  • List of at least 3 clients who may be contacted as references to confirm the quality of service provided to them.

All submissions must be delivered electronically to the EMRPC Administrative assistant no later than 5:00 PM on January 10, 2020.

Evaluation Process

  1. The EMRPC Director will review and maintain on file all statements of qualifications received. As needed the Commission may call upon the file to formulate a distribution list of qualified consultants to receive Requests for Proposals (RFP). RFP’s would describe individual projects in terms of Commission need, scope, and submission and selection process.
  2. By accepting a statement of qualification, the Commission makes no guarantees that it will issue an RFP. Future selection of any preferred firm will be the sole discretion of the EMRPC. The EMRPC reserves the right to reject any statement of qualification and if, for any reason, it decides to discontinue the RFQ process it may reject all statements of qualifications.