The Crees have the exclusive right to harvest certain species and they have the right to harvest any species of wildlife in the Eeyou Marine Region to fulfill their economic, social and cultural needs. Some restrictions may be considered to allow for conservation.

The Eeyou Marine Region Wildlife Board (EMRWB) is established as the main instrument for managing wildlife in the EMR. The board has four members appointed by the Cree Nation Government (Gordon Blackned as Chairperson; Aurélie Bourbeau-Lemieux, Fred Tomatuk and Robbie Tapiatic), one member appointed by the Government of Nunavut (Vacant) and two members appointed by the Government of Canada (G. Daniel Caron and Peter Hale).

The EMRWB works closely with the Cree Trappers Association in carrying out its mandate. It is involved in research on wildlife in the EMR and manages a special $5 million Wildlife Research Fund provided by the Government of Canada.

Certain decisions of the Wildlife Board may be subject to review and approval by the government.

The Crees may become involved in the coordinated management of marine species over the entire James Bay and Hudson Bay (outside the EMR).

Role and Responsibilities

  • Act as the main instrument of Wildlife management and the main regulator of access to wildlife
  • Establishing harvesting levels for species stock or population of wildlife in the EMR
  • Cooperating with other Wildlife management institutions in the EMR
  • Providing advice to other institutions relating to Wildlife management and conservation in the EMR
  • Managing a $5 million Wildlife Research Fund

Eeyou Marine Region

Wildlife Board

Bird Observation Map

Launch Map

The Wildlife Board is working on assessing existing literature and reports on traditional knowledge related to wildlife in the Eeyou Marine Region. It is also taking steps to compile data related to wildlife in a web-based GIS database.

Our community consultations on research priorities have been completed. The results will be available shortly.

Working in partnership with the Cree Trappers’ Association

The EMRWB collaborates with the CTA:

  • CTA acts as consultative body to the EMRWB with respect to Wildlife matters;
  • CTA manage harvesting among the Crees in the EMR.
  • EMRWB provides funding to support CTA offshore functions:
    • EMR CTA Liaison Officer
    • EMR CTA Local Officers
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Wildlife Board Members

Name Position
Gordon Blackned Chair Person
Aurélie Bourbeau-Lemieux (GCCEI) Member
Robbie Tapiatic (GCCEI) Member
Fred Tomatuk (GCCEI) Member
Peter Hale (GOC) Member
G. Daniel Caron (GOC) Member
Vacant (GN) Member


Title Position
Angela Coxon Director of Wildlife Management
Félix Boulanger Wildlife Management Biologist
Susan Esau Accounting Administrator (shared)
Priscillia Wesley Administrative Assistant (shared)


Name Position
Natasha Loutit Wildlife Liaison Officer
Sanford Diamond LEMR Officer (Waskaganish)
Vacant LEMR Officer (Eastmain)
George Natawapineskum LEMR Officer (Wemindji)
John Lameboy LEMR Officer (Chisasibi)
Roger Sandy LEMR Officer (Whapmagoostui)